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About the Documentation

The Documentation

This documentation covers how to use RenderMan for Maya. It contains reference material intended to familiarize you with the features and interface, tutorials covering how to use RenderMan for Maya's special features, and the advanced technical manual for Pixar's RenderMan. The documentation is not a substitute for Maya's documentation.


The documentation is broken down in three sections, each taking you progressively deeper into RenderMan. The Fundamentals section provides a basic overview of the software, outlining the features and introducing the interface. The Exploration section delves into the ins and outs of using RenderMan for Maya, including RenderMan-specific techniques and effects. Advanced Topics covers advanced scripting methods, customization, and digging into the nuts and bolts of RenderMan.

Additional Support

For more information about RenderMan for Maya, you'll want to become familiar with Pixar's online resources. By joining the RenderMan Forums you'll be able to participate in the online RenderMan community where Maya Artists discuss RenderMan for Maya. The RenderMan Forums are also moderated by Pixar customer support and development.

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