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Object Attributes

Object Attributes

The render settings for an object, like a 3D model, are generally inherited from the Render Globals. These settings, however, can be adjusting on a per-object basis by explicitly adding RenderMan attributes. An attribute that is explicitly set for an object will override the Render Globals setting. Object attributes may also be attached to special RenderMan for Maya nodes, which can be shared among these objects.  

Adding Object Attributes 

RenderMan for Maya provides two methods of attaching attributes to objects, either by using Maya's main menus or the Attribute Editor:

To create attributes directly on surfaces, lights, or shaders:
1) Select the shape node you'd like to attach attributes to

2) Open the attribute editor:

        Select-> Attribute Editor: Attributes> RenderMan> Manage Attributes

3) Use the UI to add new attributes to an object.

4) These attributes can be adjusted via the shape node's respective Extra RenderMan Attributes

Creating shared attribute nodes:
1) Open the RenderMan Attributes Nodes UI

        Maya: Window> Rendering Editors> RenderMan> 
2) Select create from the menu

3) Next select edit, the shadred attribute node appears in the attribute editor.
4) Add attributes directly to the node as outlined about in method #1.

5) Use the menus in the UI to attach, detach, or delete these shared nodes. 

Shared attribute nodes allow one attribute setting to affect many different objects and are a powerful tool that can be used to streamline workflow. 

Context Specific Object Attributes

When attaching attributes using the Attribute editor, RenderMan for Maya will present a list of context specific attributes for the type of object that is selected (in the Attribute Editor RenderMan menu). Certain attributes are relevant only when attached to certain types of objects. Some attributes are meant to control lights, shaders, or surfaces. You are free, however, to still attach any attribute you see fit.


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