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SIMD RSL Plugins

Implicit Field Plugins

Ri Filter Plugins

Procedural Primitives

Display Driver Plugins


Point Cloud API

Deep Texture API

Shader Meta Data

Interrogating Shaders

Client Library and RIB

Structuring RIB Files

About The Developer Notes

The RenderMan Developer Notes are designed to provide a more detailed overview of the programmable features and application interfaces than can be found in any individual version's Release Notes. Additional information on renderer features can be found in the Application Notes.


Important Linking Note

The following APIs require linkage against the libprmansdk library: Point Cloud, Deep Texture, Shader Interrogation, and RIB. None of the plugin APIs require linking against the libprmansdk library (unless they use elements of the four stand-alone APIs). All of the headers files mentioned in the Developer Notes can be found in $RMANTREE/include. Please note that libprmansdk.a replaces all libraries that were part of the developers kit (librib, libtarget, etc.) prior to the 13.0 release.


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