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RenderMan example sources. ----------------- Makefile - makes balltest, lookinfo, ppmtopen, sloinfo, and rutest executables. ----------------- balltest.c - Example program using Pixar Looks to create a scene. Type "make balltest" to make the executable. Type "./balltest 0 0 0 0 0 | render" to render a picture. The five parameters are: Look applied to background - 0: Sky, 1: Water, 2: Wavy Polkadots Look applied to star - 0: Smooth Metal, 1: Brushed Metal Look applied to ball - 0: Oak, 1: Stained Maple, 2: Green Marble Environment - 0: desert environment through surface shaders 1: street environment through surface shaders 2: street environment through environment light 3: sunset environment through environment light 4: blobby environment through environment light Hider - 0: regular "jitter" hider, 1: new "pdisc" hider ----------------- lookinfo.c - Example program to print out information about A Pixar Look. ----------------- ppmtopen.c - Example program which converts image files in Jef Poskanzer's netpbm format into PostScript "pen-and-ink" style drawings. See Application Note 24 for more information and examples. ----------------- sloinfo.c - Example program to print out information about a RenderMan shader. ----------------- runuquads.h, runuquads.c - Routines which emulate the standard RenderMan quadrics primitives using NURBS patches. This creates quadrics that can be trimmed with RiTrimcurve -----------------
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