Appendix J - Tables and Illustrations 


4.1 Camera Options
4.2 Point Coordinate Systems
4.3 Display Options
4.4 Additional RenderMan Interface Options
4.5 Typical implementation-specific options
4.6 Shading Attributes
4.7 Standard Light Source Shader Parameters
4.8 Standard Surface Shader Parameters
4.9 Standard Displacement Shader Parameters
4.10 Standard Volume Shader Parameters
4.11 Geometry Attributes

5.1 Standard Geometric Primitive Variables

6.2 Moving Commands

10.1 Standard Shaders

11.1 Color Coordinate Systems

11.2 Point Coordinate Systems

12.1 Predefined Surface Shader Variables

12.2 Predefined Light Source Variables

12.3 Predefined Volume Shader Variables

12.4 Predefined Displacement Shader Variables

12.5 Predefined Transformation Shader Variables

12.6 Predefined Imager Shader Variables

15.1 Texture Access Parameters
15.2 Shadow Map Access Parameters
15.3 Data Names Known to textureinfo
15.4 Data Names Known to attribute
15.5 Data Names Known to option
15.6 Data Names Known to renderinfo

C1 Binary Encoding

C2 RIB Errors



4.1 Camera-to-raster projection geometry

4.2 Imaging pipeline

5.1 Bicubic patch vertex ordering

5.2 Patch meshes

5.3 Quadric surface primitives

5.3 Quadric surface primitives (continued)

9.1 The ray tracing paradigm

9.2 Shader evaluation pipeline

12.1 Surface shader state

12.2 Light source shader state

C.1 Example encoded RIB byte stream




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