ptviewer - display a point cloud file of 3D data points 


ptviewer [-help] [-info] [-onlyinfo] [-window W H] [-cropbbox x y z x y z] [-multiply f] filename


The interactive application ptviewer is useful for examining 3D point clouds. It is very often helpful to navigate (rotate, zoom, etc.) around the point cloud data points to gain a better understanding of the distribution and values of the 3D data points.

Ptviewer can display point cloud files in a number of ways: as points, disks, etc. All the different data can be displayed. These different options are available by right-clicking in the ptviewer window.

If the command-line option -info is specified, the bounding box of the points in the point cloud is printed out. If the -onlyinfo command-line option is given, the same information is printed out, but ptviewer then exits without opening a window to display the point cloud. If the -window option is given, the display window is sized W pixels by H pixels. If the -cropbbox command-line option is provided, only points within that bounding box will be displayed. The -multiply option scales all displayed colors; this can for example be used when displaying very dim or very bright data.

The current release of ptviewer can read all point cloud files written in Pixar's 3D point cloud file format. Usually point cloud files have extension *.ptc. But for specific types of point clouds, other extensions are common: occlusion data (*.ocf), irradiance data (*.icf or *.irr), global photon maps (*.gpm), and caustic photon maps (*.cpm).


Rotate:   Button 1
Zoom:   Shift-Button 1
Dolly:   Button 2

  Right Arrow - increase point size
  Left Arrow - decrease point size
  b - make data brighter
  d - make data dimmer
  r - reset view and data brightness
  f - center bounding box of points on screen
  q - quit


ptviewer foo.ptc
Reads and displays the point cloud file 'foo.ptc'.

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