render - render an image


render [ options ] rib-files


render is a shell script that can be used to pass a sequence of RenderMan Interface Bytestream (RIB) requests to the Photorealistic RenderMan rendering system in order to generate an image. The render script provides a simple uniform front end to the Photorealistic RenderMan rendering system.

The simplest valid render command is:

render rib-files

which submits the named RIB files to the default Photorealistic RenderMan renderer.


-r file
set the value of the RIRENDER environment variable to the specified file. file should be the name of a suitable renderer executable file (for example, a different release of the renderer).
causes the renderer to print out version information.


The following environment variables are used (if set) by render:

RIRENDER	rendering program excutable,
		default: ${RMANTREE}/prman/bin/prman
RMANTREE	top level directory of Photorealistic RenderMan software,
		default: /usr/local/prman


${RMANTREE}/prman/bin/prman	default rendering program
${RMANTREE}/etc/rendermn.ini	configuration defaults file
${RMANTREE}/etc/license.dat	license file for licensed versions
${RMANTREE}/etc/messages	renderer message files directory
${RMANTREE}/prman/lib/shaders	directory for standard shaders
/usr/tmp	working directory for display file output


shader(1), rendermn.ini(5), PhotoRealistic RenderMan User's Manual(1), RenderMan Interface Version 3.1


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