RIBBound.so - print world-space bounds of rib 


prman -rif RIBBound.so rib-files


RIBBound.so is a rif plugin provided with prman. It tracks the world-space bounding box of a rib stream and prints it to stdout on close. Procedural bounds are used as given in the rib; the procedurals are not cracked open. Transformation and deformation motion blur are taken into account.

RIBBounds.so only works with prman; it will not function correctly with catrib. To find the bounds of a rib file without having to actually render it, the -catrib prman option can be used to prevent actually rendering an image.


prman -rif RIBBound.so -catrib /dev/null foo.rib

Displays the world-space bound of the primitives in foo.rib.

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