tiffinfo - print information about TIFF files


tiffinfo [-D] [-d] [-c] [-s] [-#] name ...


tiffinfo displays information about files created according to the Tag Image File format, Rev 6.0. By default, the contents of each TIFF directory in each file is displayed, with the value of each tag shown symbolically (where sensible).

The -D option will force tiffinfo to read and decompress all the data in a file (but not display it).

The -d option will force tiffinfo to print each byte of decompressed data stored in a file in hexadecimal.

The -c option will force tiffinfo to display the colormap and color/gray response curves, if present.

The -s option forces tiffinfo to display the offsets and byte counts for each data strip in a directory.


tiffcopy(1), tiffjoin(1), tiffchan(1), tiffdump(1), tiffsize(1), tiffcomp(1), tiffdiff(1)


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