pointnofalloff	- Point light shader with no falloff


Light "pointnofalloff" "intensity" n "lightcolor" c "from" p


float intensity=1.0
color lightcolor=[1 1 1]
point from=[0 0 0]


This is a point light shader without an inverse square intensity falloff. It is useful for lighting a scene when you don't want to go through the process of calculating the large intensity usually required to get a normal point light to look the way you want it to. It is also useful for producing uniform lighting from objects inside a scene, without the “pooling” normally associated with point light sources.

In addition, some modeling systems, for example, work only with point light sources. In such a system some point lights may be placed far away from the scene to simulate distant lights, and this shader is a good choice in such circumstances.

The intensity of the light varies from 0 (off) to any positive value (usually 1) representing the light at full intensity. The lightcolor parameter is an RGB triple representing the color of light emitted by the source.

The from parameter represents the position of the light source in space.


The pointlight shader (in the RenderMan Interface Specification).



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