spatter	- Simulate a colored surface with paint spattered on it


Surface "spatter" "Ka" n "Ks" n "Kd" n "roughness" n "specularcolor" c "basecolor" c "spattercolor" c "specksize" n "sizes" n


float Ka=1, Ks=0.7, Kd=0.5, roughness=0.2
float specksize=0.01, sizes=5
color specularcolor=[1 1 1]
color basecolor=[0.1 0.1 0.5] spattercolor=[1 1 1]


This shader makes objects look like that blue camp cookware with white paint spatters. Actually, both the blue basecolor and the white spattercolor can be changed if you desire.

The parameter specksize controls the overall size of the paint specks as you would expect. However, there are a range of sizes of paint specks controlled by the parameter sizes. Lower (integer) values produce smaller and more uniform specks. Higher values produce some larger blotches and specks of many different sizes.

The parameters Ka,Ks and Kd have the usual meanings of ambient, specular and diffuse reflective intensities, respectively. roughness and specularcolor control the sharpness and color of the specular highlight.




This shader can have problems with aliasing.


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