stippled	- Simulate a stippled plastic


Surface "stippled" "Ka" n "Ks" n "Kd" n "roughness" n "specularcolor" c "grainsize" n "stippling" n


float Ka=0.1, Ks=0.3, Kd=0.8, roughness=0.3
float grainsize=0.01, stippling=0.2
color specularcolor=[1 1 1]


This shader makes objects appear to be made out of plastic with lots of little bumps, as are computer keyboards, camera surfaces, stucco, and many other things. This is done by making the surface appear to have intensity variation in small grains or granules. The parameter grainsize controls the size of these granules, and stippling controls the relative variation in intensity of the granules: larger values produce a rougher-looking surface.

The shader makes a fairly good attempt at anti-aliasing itself, so the granules should appear to fade out with distance in a way similar to a “real” stippled surface.

The parameters Ka,Ks and Kd have the usual meanings of ambient, specular and diffuse reflective intensities, respectively. roughness and specularcolor control the sharpness and color of the specular highlight.




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