tiffcomp - composite TIFF images.


tiffcomp [ -lzw | -packbits ] [ -i | command ]


Tiffcomp combines TIFF images using the image compositing operations defined in “Compositing Digital Images,” by Thomas Porter and Tom Duff, in Computer Graphics 18, 3 (July 1984), Proc. SIGGRAPH '84, pp. 253-259.

Tiffcomp performs one or more commands. A single command can be given as a program argument command, but should be enclosed in quotes, since these commands always contain white space. If command is missing, a sequence of commands is read from stdin, one command per line. The -i option puts the program into “interactive” mode, in which a “>>>” prompt is printed before each command is entered by the user.

A command is of the form:

result = left operator right

where result is the name of the image to be generated, and left and right are the names of the two images to be combined to produce the new image. operator is one of the words: over, in, out, atop, xor, and plus. An example of a typical command is:

new.tif = fore.tif over back.tif

Note that the file name extension “.tif” is a convention which is not enforced or expected by tiffcomp.

The image resulting from a tiffcomp command covers a rectangular area which includes the areas of the two source images. Tiffcomp can be used to combine overlapping or non-overlapping images into a larger image which includes both of the source images; one such use is combining separately rendered “cropped” images into a single image, but for more than two images the command tiffjoin is more convenient.

The compression used in the result image is normally none, but it can be modified by two option flags. The -lzw option compresses the result image using the Lempel-Ziv & Welch method. The -packbits option compresses the result image using th Macintosh packbits run length encoding method.


This version only supports 8 bits per sample.


tiffcopy(1), tiffjoin(1), tiffchan(1), tiffdump(1), tiffsize(1), tiffdiff(1), tiffinfo(1)


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