tiffsize - resize TIFF image.


tiffsize [-scale scale_factor] [-square] [-intscale] [-lq|-mq|-hq] [input_path] [output_path]

tiffsize [-src input_path] [-dst output_path] [-sb x_origin y_origin xsize ysize] [-db x_origin y_origin xsize ysize] [-square] [-intscale] [-lq|-mq|-hq]

tiffsize [-src input_path] [-dst output_path] [-sw x_left y_top x_right y_bottom] [-dw x_left y_top x_right y_bottom] [-square] [-intscale] [-lq|-mq|-hq]


Tiffsize resizes a TIFF image and output the resulting image into another TIFF file.

Tiffsize takes an source image path and an optional source window, resizes the source image to fit the destination window, and outputs the new image to the destination image path. The default source window is the whole input image. The default destination window is the scale factor times the source window. The scale factor can be set with the -scale option followed by a floating point scale factor.

A simple example of scaling an image to to three quarter size is:

tiffsize -scale 0.75 big.tif small.tif

An example of more detailed usage is:

tiffsize -src big.tif -sw 10 20 109 119 -dst small.tif -db 0 0 50 50

The default input or output path is default.tif. The input and output paths can not be the same so at least one of them must be specified in the command line either after the options or using -src or -dst. Note that the file name extension “.tif” is a convention which is not enforced or expected by tiffsize.

The compression used in the destination image is the same as the source image.

The quality and speed of the resize operation can be controlled by the following flags: The -lq option uses point sampling to produce a low quality image quickly. The -mq option uses bilinear interpolation to produce a medium quality image more slowly. The -hq option uses cubic interpolation to produce a high quality image even more slowly. hq is the default and is usually fast enough for most purposes.

The -square option maintains the aspect ratio of the source window regardless of the aspect ratio of the destination window

The -intscale option forces the use of integer scale factors during the image mapping.

Tiffsize is based on the program zoom written by Paul Heckbert, Carnegie-Mellon University. Paul can be reached at ph@graphics.cmu.edu. The source for tiffsize is available in /usr/local/prman/tssrc.


This version only supports 8 bits per sample.

Minifying with the -lq flag may cause TIFF scanline errors when used with compressed files because lines are accessed out of order.


tiffcopy(1), tiffjoin(1), tiffchan(1), tiffdump(1), tiffcomp(1), tiffdiff(1), tiffinfo(1)


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