tiffdiff - display TIFF file differences using PhotoRealistic RenderMan display service


tiffdiff [ -scale factor ] [ -center ] [ -dspy driver ] [ -dspyfile file ] [ -o x y ] tiff1 tiff2


tiffdiff reads two images from files in Tag Image File Format (TIFF), subtracts the second image from the first, and displays the difference image using the PhotoRealistic RenderMan display services. The two TIFF images should have the same resolution and format.

The -scale option allows you to scale the differences by a constant factor to make them more visible. The absolute value of the scaled differences will be taken and the result clamped to the range 0-255.

The -center option causes a constant 128 to be added to the differences after scaling and the result clamped to the range 0-255 so that negative differences are dark and positive differences are bright.

The default display driver is framebuffer and the default output file name is default. The -dspy option allows you to select a specific driver by name, and the -dspyfile option allows you to select the output file name which is used by the driver.

The -o x y option allows you to specify a horizontal and vertical offset on the display in units of one pixel. For example, -o 10 20 will position the upper left corner of the displayed image at pixel row 20, column 10 (assuming there is no image offset stored in the TIFF file).

Standard TIFF black-and-white, grayscale, color-mapped, and RGB full-color images (TIFF B,G,P,R) are accepted, with the exception that only images with 1, 2, 4, or 8 bits per sample are accepted. In addition to the standard classes, 16 bit-per-sample RGB images are accepted as are 4-channel images.


tiffcopy(1), tiffjoin(1), tiffchan(1), tiffdump(1), tiffsize(1), tiffcomp(1), tiffinfo(1)


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